Design Tips

We have experienced and fixed the following common mistakes:

Bathrooms are often ruined by the wrong choice in fixtures (size, compatibility, category, and location).

The kitchen space looks ordinary and/or is underutilized. Careful measuring and planning and choosing the size, color and style of cabinetry can make all the difference.

Relocating kitchen appliances, the stove and sink can dramatically improve the flow and design of a kitchen.

Changing the height and location, of walls and doorways, can completely transform a space.

Paint colors can dramatically affect a space, making the room look smaller, colder or even too narrow.

There is no cohesive or integrative design concept throughout the home.

Choosing the right furniture, often, it can be too big or too small for the space and doesn’t convey the desired feeling.

Artwork is a must. It can define a space and make it unique.

The Bottom Line:

Making the right choices for your renovation will dramatically affect the way your home looks, feels and functions. Being fully aware of all of these choices, at the beginning, will reduce mistakes, hassle and cost.